Happy Independence Day!

4th of July Parade, N.Y., 1911 (LOC)

4th of July Parade, N.Y., 1911 (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

A Patriot‘s Rant

Does it seem to you that the 4th of July just doesn’t mean the same thing, anymore?  I don’t watch TV, missing those socially beneficial and culturally relevant programs like Dancing with the Stars and Mr. Ed so  I’m not sure if my Current American Social/Cultural Index will even allow me to question public discontent.

No matter what, whether I’m having no fun or having too much fun on Independence Day,  I always take time during the day to think about what this great country means to me.   Recent events, perhaps only because of increasing awareness, have seriously shaken my core patriotic values.

Being a full-time college student is an experience in sheer information overload.  Talk about an information highway,,,it’s more like surfing  a tsunami that only goes away when you sleep, I think.

Since I’m a communications major (very broad spectrum of potential employment opportunities) there are classes that put  a person right into the riptide of social/political information that is our current society.  My point is that I’m more aware than ever of changing social/political/economic events and patterns.

Classes like public relations, sociology, American politics and the most recent, social media are all current event heavy in terms of curriculum.  There are discussion panels that touch on everything/anything to do with communicating (in one form or another) with others.  There are research assignments  for papers and projects that are designed to measure our ability to follow instructions.  All must be obtained through the Internet’s data gathering and social media outlets.

There is way more in the way of information deluge, but to correct my drift, there’s really one thing, one aspect of communication that has changed the way I look at the 4th of July,,,,drumroll please,,,the corporate  controlled, unfair, unbalanced mainstream media.  The presstitutes, if you will.

Is ignorance bliss?  It’s not the news, it’s what the political/industrial/pharmaceutical complex decides to do to us.  Us as in the American public, the 99%.  The assorted media, being the medium of communication exchange, then decides (under orders, of course) what they will include in our daily brainwashing.

Don’t even consider getting any unbiased  reporting or professional journalism from the lame stream media, their political agendas are about as subtle as a turd in a punchbowl.  I prefer to pick and choose my news resources from the Internet, where there are some truly honest journalists, that will at least admit lying, if you ask.

You’ve got to respect someone who goes out of their way to share real news with you, for free.  I’m talking no wages, commissions or government subsidies.  They might capture a little ad revenue from their sites, but that’s not enough to feed the bulldog, usually.

China in N.Y. 4th of July Parade, 1911 (LOC)

China in N.Y. 4th of July Parade, 1911 (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

This brings us back to the point.  The 4th of July has been traditionally a celebration of independence from the intolerant rule of a British monarchy.  This year has brought America back to the rule of a monarchy of different sorts, where one person (following orders, of course) has consistently ignored the rule of law that is supposed to govern this land.

All elected officials in the federal government take an oath of office that fundamentally states that they will defend, honor and abide by the Constitution.  Service people  take a similar oath.  Abiding by the Constitution is what has made this country great.

Free trade, not the free trade Congress tries to pitch which only benefits the lobbies that pay the most, a solid precious-metal-backed economy, not the foreign controlled central banking system, and a business world not encumbered with out-of-control regulations are what made America great.

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution made it possible to get the original colonists to agree to unification and have since been the laws that separate America from the rest of the world in matters of governance and civil liberties.  These inspired, inalienable rights, the very foundation of our society are being purposely eroded, ignored and interpreted incorrectly by the Powers That Be.

That and the collusion with the media, who refuse to buck the current of corporate controlled America, who decide what they think we should know (protecting us from ourselves) have taken a lot of the magic out of the 4th of July for me.

The questionable occupant of the White House has taken it upon himself to change the very nature of our most sacred document by deleting two alphabetical characters.  If re-elected,  the transformation of this one-of-a-kind document from a declaration of liberty and equality will no doubt be completed.

I find it hard to stir up much patriotism for the Declaration of Dependence.


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