Emergency Evacuation-Defending Yourself

Here we go with another op-ed about emergency evacuation that the mainstream media refuses to consider as “news.”   Of course, since something as trivial as saving your life or the lives of your loved ones doesn’t sell advertising spots in their news platforms, it’s almost understandable.

The question is;  how many people could be helped by understanding a little more about what to expect in an evacuation situation versus how many people are helped by the politically based smears concerning the candidates in the upcoming elections.

Something that is never mentioned by the media is what could happen if a disaster widespread enough to affect critical infrastructure occurred.  For instance, if a solar flatulation hit the Earth with a blast of radiation disrupting the power grid.solar flare

Part of the reasoning behind this omission is that it will never happen, but common sense and science demonstrate that it could, though the chances are small.  Another part of the reasoning is that the government will take care of us if the power goes down.

The government has no obligation to help the public, they have demonstrated this over and over again.  As a matter-of-fact, since the contrived disaster of 9/11, the government has done little to protect it’s citizenry except to subvert our Constitutional rights in the name of security.

Besides, if the power grid goes down the government won’t know or care about your small part of the world, they’ll be too busy trying to save their own asses.

The old United States Civil Defense logo. The ...

The old United States Civil Defense logo. The triangle emphasised the 3-step Civil Defense philosophy used before the foundation of FEMA and Comprehensive Emergency Management. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several years ago, I became interested in the Civil Defense network and began attending meetings sponsored by the local Civil Air Patrol.  The very first and most important issue concerning the chaos resulting from an infrastructure breakdown, covered at every meeting, was being prepared.

Being prepared for social chaos means more than having a stash of Oreos and Pepsi, it means being able to keep your stash safe from others who consider Oreo’s and Pepsi necessary-for-life staples.  Believe me, when the Shit Hits The Fan, there will be plenty of folks who will stop at nothing to get your stash of Oreo’s and Pepsi, my ex being at the top of the list.

Hiding your stash is good, but no one can hide Oreo’s and Pepsi from a determined person(s) who is Jonesing for a sugar fix and there are plenty out there.  What it comes down to is physically protecting your stash, with  something that will get the attention of the would-be raiders and convince them of your sincerity.

brown dog

A big, vicious dog would be ideal for this except that you have to feed them.  Forgetting to feed such a dog could result in the end of your stash or yourself.

I would suggest arming yourself with a reliable firearm and practicing at your local firing range until you feel comfortably certain you can hit your target.  Of course, if it was my ex who was stalking your stash, hitting the target is as simple as hitting the proverbial “broad side of a barn” as they share similar dimensions.

Personally, my favorite anti-personnel weapon for such a situation would be a 12 gauge tactical shotgun.  Although the ammo is somewhat heavy and bulky to carry, the stopping power of OO buckshot is well known and feared by any potential cookie raider.  12_gauge tactical shotgun

As a back-up weapon, in case of technical difficulties, I would suggest a pistol of sufficient caliber to knock down or disable any attacking sugar addict with one shot, preferably.  A .357 magnum with hollow-point, semi-jacketed shells is a good start, but the DHS gave us a clue to what they’ll be using against Americans who don’t like martial law. .40 caliber hollow point bullets They recently purchased 450 million rounds of .40 caliber, hollow-point bullets for “domestic” terrorism.  That’s enough to wage a 7 year war on “homegrown terrorists,” scary, huh?

There are other possibilities for stash defense, many of which are very, very effective.  When a horde of Oreo-starved sugar junkies is coming your way , I would suggest a tactical nuclear device because there is little else that will stop a determined crowd of Oreo addicts.  Believe me, I know.

davy crocket battlefield nuke     nuclear explosion


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