Welcome to Obama Land

welcome to obamaland

Social media;

For the sake of Zemanta,  SEO and the “king,” I need to add some content  I really thought that the intro pic of young obama sucking up a spliff would be all that was necessary.

I’m not making any judgements on the man, I just find it hard to believe that he was once a stoner (reasonably cool, too)  and now he’s the biggest dick in the western hemisphere.

How could a person’s world-view change that radically?

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Thanks to,,,,shit, I can’t remember, but nice .gif.  Oh! The young obama tokin’ down,,, let’s see,,,not sure,,,wait!  No,,,what was the question?

Wow! Almost forgot,,,SocialSity is one month old!  Pretty cool, huh?  In honor of this anniversary a political statement will be shared every 4th day of the month.  Lucky you!

Welcome to SocialSity where we once again provide news that the mainstream media has decided isn’t important enough to tell the public about.

Hey, this is old news, but very important if you care to see how far a politician will undermine his integrity by making an impassioned speech about the very fundamentals of American law,,,then doing the exact opposite.

For those folks out there who selectively listen to what they want to hear, carelessly blocking out anything that contradicts their tidy little world of reality, this is for you.

For those who can’t see where America has gone in the last 20 years led by politicians with an un-American agenda, this is for you.

For those who refuse to see where America is going by following policies legislated by a corrupt Congress in the last 12 years, this is for you.

Strangely, the 4 year extension of the Patriot Act (the most unconstitutional legislation of the century and certainly something that affects every American’s privacy and fundamental civil rights) has been mostly ignored by the mainstream media as if it has become so mundane it’s not newsworthy.

The current resident of the White House could have lived up to his promises and helped strengthen the rule of law in America, proving he does indeed, protect and defend the Constitution as he swore he would with his oath of office, by just not signing the 4 year extension of the Patriot Act.

Thanks for stopping by SocialSity, an alternative news social site, comments are welcome.

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