Zombie Zone Survival

12_gauge tactical shotgun
Guns will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no guns.”  -Woodco


zombieThe cover-up of the alarming rise in zombie attacks should be put before the public, but we all know that the chicken-shit liberal media have been told to leave it alone.

When will they admit there is a problem?  Maybe if a zombie attacked an anchor person on live TV and ate their brains in front of America people would wake and see what’s happening.

This is as bad as Bill Maher stating that the  Fast & Furious operation’s dismal failure and the ensuing cover-up is not a scandal.  Of course, Bill never has let the truth get in the way of his abusive agenda.

It’s time for all real Americans to wake up and take a stand against the zombie  epidemic before it’s too late.   Everyone knows that the only way to “kill” a zombie is to cut off it’s head or shoot it in the head with  heavy caliber ordnance.parang machete

It has been demonstrated that a .38 caliber bullet will do the trick, so anything bigger than that will also work.  It has been suggested that .22 caliber is too small, but it seems that with a semi-auto’s ability to fire several rounds quickly, placing them all in a zombies head should effectively disengage them from their hunt for living brains to eat.

This is the kind of life-and-death important information that the media should be sharing with the world, bashing Romoney is old hat and boring!  How long can they bash Paul Ryan before it becomes absurd?hand grenade

Back to our own agenda and getting the focus back on track, the following are some weapons tips and suggestions for terminating any zombies infesting your neighborhood.  Since zombies are slow and clumsy, it is not too hard to run away to save yourself, but eventually you will have to sleep and waking up to zombies eating your brain would certainly ruin the rest of your day.

Besides, with reasonable caution to avoid being bitten, which transmits the deadly zombie-virus, an active person can get close enough to a zombie to blow their head off with a 12 gauge shotgun.12 gauge over-under shotgun

Taking the logic train to the next station and adding the fact that teens in L.A. have been filmed playing “chicken” with zombies, daring each other to get closer, how about getting close enough to hack their heads off with a machete?  Now that’s sport!

crossbowHere’s a nice sword that with a little sharpening  could provide a whole new entertainment vehicle for the bored college kids who can’t get jobs in our sabotaged economy.     A couple more ideas:      entrenching tool                             tactical axe                 This whole idea of  making a sport out of killing zombies would definitely bring the problem to the public’s attention.  The question is, will it be enough to get the lame stream media off their brown nose program with the liberals and to actually do some REAL journalism?   The need for a massive public information event, before the zombie problem becomes too big to handle, should be top priority with the media.

model 29 six shooter with red-dotThe thing is that soon we will be fighting in self-defense mode only, just hoping to survive until morning.  If the media would recognize the problem and report on it, we could be fighting aggressively, bringing the battle to the zombies instead of waiting for them to find us.  If it keeps going this way, without concerted effort on our part or the media to let people know of this issue, we will be outnumbered, then gone.

Robinson Armaments auto pistol

.45 cal Colt 1911

What’s important here is to make people aware of this cover-up by the media and the administration in order to clean house, if need be.

Something as obviously critical to our lives as the recent zombie rampage has to be reported fully with no liberal bias.  Who cares if it’s politically correct to to kill zombies?  It has to be done!  This is certainly not the time to be preaching about gun control!  America needs it’s guns, the more full auto assault rifles, machine pistols and grenade launchers, the better!

M4A1 with M203 grenade launcherRPG 7 rocket propelled grenade launcher


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