Survival In The Police State

police officer
Blue, flashing lights, sirens howling and in your rear-view mirror an unwelcome addition to your day is closing fast.  BUSTED! Or maybe not, your survival depends on how you handle yourself in the Police  State that America has become.

It doesn’t really matter if you have done something wrong, for some reason you have attracted the attention of the law enforcement officials.  Even if, and sometimes especially if, you are clean, no weapons, no dope, current registration, current license, current insurance, not driving over the speed limit, not behaving erratically, etc, if the police need to bust someone and you are available they will do their very best to make you part of the system, the hard way.

How to escape from zip ties

They do this because they can, we have enabled them to disregard the Constitution and now the local laws are formed with the police in mind, not the citizens.  Because we let Congress pass totalitarian laws like The Patriot Act(which has nothing to do with patriots) and others that are never given much publicity because the mainstream media is part of the corporatist/bankster  unholy alliance that dictates our society.

The media kisses the administration’s ass and bends over backwards to please the big advertisers, with little thought to the average citizen.

So, if the cops want to arrest you, they will.  If you aren’t doing something illegal they will say you were and when you get excited and pissed off they will beat you up, bust you for resisting arrest, assault, disturbing the peace or anything they want to make up.

You can, however, beat the hassle of arrest and detention if you remain calm and follow some simple guidelines for saying and doing the RIGHT/CORRECT things, versus freaking out, yelling at the cop, running away, pulling a sidearm, threatening the cop, whining at the cop, crying, telling the cop anything they want.

This last thing, telling the cops anything they ask for is what gets most people in more trouble than anything else, except perhaps for allowing a search, which is illegal if the cops have no evidence or reasonable cause.

Watch these videos, they might very well keep your funky butt out of the slammer.  I would watch them twice, get the urls or whatever, at least tell your friends because these videos are that important!

As our government becomes more and more power hungry and wants more and more control over the People(that’s you and me) the chances of a face-to-face confrontation with officials who have an authority complex and egomania get better every day.

Here’s Another, Pay Attention
You’re Doing Great!
Ready For More?
Learning Anything?
That Wasn’t So Bad, Was It?

Just some really easy advice to remember and follow. Nothing hard to understand, eh? That’s what surviving in a police state is all about, knowing how to act and speak when confronted by the local authorities. Don’t call attention to yourself! Don’t get upset, stay cool, stay calm, because it is going to happen anyway, you might as well make it easy on yourself.

Unfortunately, their power becomes stronger and stronger every day also, so your abilities to survive the encounter are very important to you and your loved ones. You might literally stand between the system and grievous injury, if not death, to your family and way of life.

Don’t ever think you can outsmart the cops! They have unimaginable resources to call to the game, if they need to. Soon there might be mercenary cops from Russia or China who are being “trained” in various cities around the country. They are here because we have let the government get out of control.

China is waiting at the borders, all set to roll over the unresisting sheeple of America. If we are to survive as a country we must stand together, stop the ridiculous left/right squabbles or surely we will be on the inside looking out at freedom.

Martial law is right around the corner, Bush and Obama have made it very easy for the Executive branch to become a dictatorship, ignoring the Constitution and creating their own private army, the TSA. It’s time to wake up America! While you have some rights left, use them to vote out the fascist/corporatist administration who is illegally occupying the White House. Vote for Ron Paul, at least consider it.

How to escape from zip ties

originally published by Woodco Disaster Survival Guide


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