Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm or not, Be Prepared!

hurricane sandy

              Sandy-killer hurricane-Are you ready?

Here comes some heavy duty storm action, folks.  Hurricane Sandy promises to be a monster with up to $1 billion in damage.  So, if living in the affected area, do you have adequate food and water for when the rising waters maroon you and your neighbors to the highest available land or building?

You must remember Hurricane Katrina, lots of images of people on rooftops begging for fresh water and aid.  Do you plan on being one?

hurricane sandy

The water is rising fast on the East coast and the storm hasn’t struck yet!  Tuesday morning early is when it makes landfall, so you have a little time left to get some food and water (especially) together.  Plan on enough for 6 days, at least.  You don’t know if the government will help you, don’t count on it.  They might have geoengineered the storm to screw up the elections coming this next week.

“Nothing in politics ever happens by chance”-FDR

Even if it’s not induced or enhanced, Hurricane Sandy’s potential for disaster will not be wasted by the administration.  Beware!

hurricane sandy

hurricane sandy

Here’s  a survival checklist for those of you who might be in harm’s way.  This was put together by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, specifically for this type of situation,   Hurricane Sandy won’t be the only disaster coming our way!

Hurricane Sandy “monster storm” survival checklist by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

I’ve taught preparedness to tens of thousands of people, so I know this subject very well. Here’s my preparedness checklist, and then below it I link to some of my preparedness courses and solutions if you’re interested in those:

• Minimum 6 days of stored food.
• A way to safely boil water so you can prepare food.
• Non-electric can openers.
• Minimum 6 days of stored water.
• Portable water filter.
• Full fuel tanks in all your vehicles.
• Gasoline and cords for your generator (if you have one).
• Sleeping bags for all family members.
• Flashlights and batteries.
• Minimum 6-day supply of any prescription meds.
• Colloidal silver and other emergency medicine items.
• Cell phones full charged, with spare batteries.
• Minimum one large fully-charged fire extinguisher.
• Plenty of clean laundry with warm socks, undies and heavy clothing.
• Backup power source: large 12V marine (deep cycle) battery with an inverter to charge cell phones and laptops.
• Sponges for cleaning things when there’s no power.
• Cleaning agents: Hand soap, dish soap and bleach.
• Immune boosting herbal tinctures and supplements.
• Topical first aid supplies: Antiseptics, bandages, etc.
• Personal hygiene items, including toilet paper.
• Emergency multi-purpose knife.
• Matches, lighters and fire starting devices.
• Activities to pass the time when there’s no TV: books, cards, games, etc.
• Copies of your important paperwork and identification documents.
• Two-way radios for you and your family members to communicate.
• Wind-up weather radio so you can tune in to government broadcasts.
• CB broadcasting radio so you can call for help if the cell towers are down.
• Nuclear preparedness: Do you have potassium iodide pills?
• Hiding stuff: Do you have good hiding places in your home in case criminals break in and overpower you?
• Pet preparedness: Do you have enough food and water for your animals?
• Go bag: Do you have a “bug out bag” ready in case you have to evacuate?
• Hiking gear: What happens if you have to leave on foot?
– Cold weather hiking shoes
– Rugged backpack
– A good hat to protect you from the elements
– Local map and compass
– Water carrying containers (and a way to carry them)
– Portable food
– Weather-proof writing notepad
– Flashlights
– Identification
– Portable self defense items

• Security plans for your neighborhood or building: How will you defend against looters?
• Physical barriers to block doors and windows: Are your windows locked?
• Tripwire alert devices and motion alert devices (see course, below).
• Self defense items to defend against possible looters:
– If firearms, double check your ammo, firearm lubrication and sights.
– Have a challenge / response code word with your family members so that you can identify each other in the dark. For example, if you say “Flash” they should say “Thunder” in response.
– Drill all safety procedures in the home. Children should know in advance where a “safe hiding place” is located.
– Emergency whistles for all children or senior citizens so they can call for help.

Does this sound like a long preparedness list? It’s nothing, actually, compared to what many preppers, patriots and survivalists have already accomplished. I’m not afraid to say publicly that my own personal preparedness plans have gone far beyond the list you see above. If a three-day hurricane struck my home right now, I would be completely prepared without even making a trip to the store for supplies.

Emergency readiness products

Here are the best products we’ve put together so far for emergency preparedness:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most delivery services are shut down Monday and Tuesday across the eastern seaboard, so if you are trying to order these products to have them delivered before Tuesday, that won’t work. UPS, Fedex, and the U.S. Postal Service will all be shut down during the storm.

Sovereign Silver first aid gel
Sovereign Silver liquid hydrosol
100% organic 40-day survival food supply
• Enerhealth Herbal Medicine Cabinets: Basic | Intermediate | Advanced
Nascent Atomic Iodine
Zeotrex (zeolites)
Emergency ruggedized flashlights and other supplies


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