Easy Self Defense for Non Fighters

fist parts of this post are reblogged from Bob Pierce’s Fight Fast web site

Self defense can mean the difference between life and death for you, your family or whoever you happen to be with.

How many of you out there have been confronted by bullies, muggers or worse looking to pick a fight?   Even if older and wiser now, I’m sure you can remember times when you wish(ed) you had some basic fighting skills.   How about those of you who have been mugged or raped?   Even if you do believe in being armed with a gun for self defense, what happens if you don’t have that weapon?  Shit happens, you know.

Anybody living in the big urban centers knows the value of self protection from the various lawless elements in society.  Anyone who likes to go to clubs or taverns has experienced drunken jerks who regularly look for someone to pick on.  The slightest bump, spilling a drink or their girlfriend’s drink, an imagined insult, or nothing at all except your vulnerability can set off the jerk that needs to prove something to his buddies or girlfriend.

Here’s some easy to follow, basic fighting moves that anyone can master in minutes.  The guy who created this course is actually trying to help you and me protect ourselves and loved ones.  Now isn’t that a switch?   Of course, there is a pitch and a promotion for an ongoing self defense course, but you don’t have to buy anything to get these short and sweet training sessions designed for people who don’t know how to fight or for those who want to be able to stop an opponent fast with no injury to themselves.

Let’s face it, who wants to trade punches with someone twice as big as they are?   Who wants to get the snot beat out of them leaving their loved ones to the mercy of the bad guys?   These videos are not martial arts, they are how to win a fight fast without incurring personal injury.  They are not gentlemanly combat, they are about winning a fight using any means possible.

These videos are not for the squeamish.  If you have the mistaken belief that you will never need to defend yourself from one or more assailants, you can leave now and good luck to you.  If you think giving an even break to someone who might want to kill you or your family is smart, see ya!   If you don’t have the mind-set to fight to win, hasta la bye-bye!
Just take a look at the folks who provide testimonials for this blog and videos.   After reading his work and watching his videos I’ll bet you think differently about self protection


When He Pulls A Knife


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