The Dairy Industry’s Dirty Secrets

Did You Know that human beings are the only species to regularly drink the milk of another species?

Did You Know that the pasteurization of cow’s milk renders most of the calcium unavailable for human nutrition?

Did You Know that most humans lose the ability to secrete the necessary enzymes that digest dairy products by the age of 3? This is “Lactose Intolerance.”

Did You Know that the saturated fats found in most dairy products are so chemically similar to human fat that they appear unchanged as visible layers under human skin?

The primary purpose of cow’s milk is to stimulate the growth of their calves.

  Cow’s milk is 50% fat, and has high concentrations of protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, and other nutrients all designed for the rapid growth of calves from 60 to 600 lbs in as little as 8 months.

calf drfinking milk

  Human milk is three to four times lower in concentration of these nutrients.

Besides the calories (as fat) and nutrients in cow’s milk, growth hormones are also produced. The most powerful of these hormones is called insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

The bone building properties of IGF-1 are responsible for the claims that milk “builds strong bones.” But, at the same time;

IGF-1 is one of the most powerful promoters of cancer growth discovered so far for cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, and colon. The IGF-1 hormone also induces premature aging in humans. This hormone is designed for calves to get big, quickly. In humans, the IGF hormone is a cell proliferator, something that is very undesirable (at the very least) for cancer cells.

Dairy products are high in calories, fat and cholesterol; contributing to the cause of heart disease, strokes, type-2 diabetes, and obesity. 

Cows are high on the food chain so they accumulate, in sometimes dangerous amounts, environmental chemicals.

If you’re old enough you might remember the warnings in the ’50’s and ’60’s about not drinking cow’s milk because they were eating grass that had absorbed radiation (strontium 90) from the multitude of nuclear tests that were taking place in the USA and abroad.

Another favorite of that era was DDT, the insecticide that was eventually banned because of it’s environmental dangers.

production line dairy        production line dairy   dairy production line

Now days, most dairy cows are virtual milk producing machines, confined to cramped stalls with tubes attached to their udders for automatic milking.

They are force-fed genetically modified grains and grasses to promote more milk production. Because of the unhealthy environment of most corporate dairy farms cows must be given antibiotics for the infections that regularly occur.

The Dairy lobbies won’t tell you;

   About other “additives” to milk that are not natural like aspartame(sweetener), BHT, BHA (preservatives) food colorings and “flavor enhancers“(nitrites).

   Dairy products and especially liquid milk are not naturally important sources of nutrition for humans. In fact, dairy products are responsible for many of the chronic health problems and diseases of the population segments that consume large quantities of animal proteins.

While ignoring the fact that lactose intolerance is a natural condition of humans after being weaned from their mother’s milk, the dairy producing/marketing complex supplies falsifies research to promote the supposed benefits of dairy products.

That dairy protein is the number one cause of food allergies and can cause more serious forms of “food allergy” called autoimmune diseases. 

Dairy products are also known to be infected with life-threatening microbes, including E. Coli, listeria, salmonella, staphylococci, bovine tuberculosis and leukemia viruses, and bovine AIDS viruses. “ (MacDougal, 2007)

Milk does not do a body good;

  The next time you see a Hollywood celebrity or National athlete promoting the wonderful health benefits of drinking milk, that big, white milk mustache is filled with pus, bacteria, GMO’s, herbicides, preservatives and hormones.

Donald Trump with milk mustache

McDougall, J. A. (2007) The McDougall Newsletter, When Friends Ask: “Why Don’t You Drink Milk?”

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