BREAKING – Israel vs. Iran – War Imminent?


According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s Foreign Ministry went on strike Sunday, effectively closing all it’s embassies and consulates around the world for the first time in the nation’s brief history.  The dispute has been ongoing for almost two years concerning better salaries and improved working conditions.  The negotiations came to an abrupt halt on March 4 when workers rejected a proposal by the Finance Ministry that included a cut to their wages.

So, it seems that all the workers, diplomats and associated support personnel will be returning to Israel until the problem is resolved.  The paper used the word “indefinite” in terms of how long this process might take.  This would seem to be an odd turn of events in the diplomatic sphere of Israel who are in constant contact with citizens and potential immigrants all over the world not to mention peace negotiations with their Middle East neighbors.

Perhaps there is a little more to it than just a strike by disgruntled workers.  Knowing the ability of most governments to have innumerable hidden agendas for every one that the public is aware of, the strike is a perfect and possible orchestrated excuse to get Israeli citizens out of harm’s way .  Harm’s way, you say?  What could possibly be worse than being the enemy of the whole Islamic culture?

Let’s just consider the fact that Israel probably feels betrayed by our administration’s lack of support for Israel’s concerns over Iran’s nuclear capabilities.  Maybe Israel is tired of waiting for us to get the ball rolling in a war with Iran.  Maybe all of Israels attempts to inspire (read bribe) our legislators and the lame stream media to incense the American public with the need to bomb the crap out of Iran have failed.  Or at least are not taking the rapid road to destruction Israel would prefer.

Maybe Israel is planning to do their own dance with destruction on Iran and want their citizens back home to keep them safe from reprisals by pissed-off Arabs.  Or to keep them from being used as hostages and other unwilling playing  pieces in the war game.  The only time when most  countries lock up their embassies is during war.  nuclear bomb explosion

This is all conjecture on my part, just random thoughts about events that kind of came together while breakfasting this morning.  There probably isn’t anything to it, but there certainly COULD BE.

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