A New American Moment? Welcome to ObamaLand


“Because thanks to your efforts, a new foundation is laid,” said Obama. “A new future is ready to be written.  We have set the stage for a new American moment, and I’m going to spend every minute of my last two years making sure we seize it.”

Statement of fact?   Statement of expectations?   Statement of diversion?  Or just some off-the-wall, fill-in-the-empty-spaces comment made by the “Head Muzzie In Charge?”

Just what does he mean by,,”,,,a new American moment,”,,?   Is his vision of ‘Amerika the Welfare State’ going so well for him that he is confident it will all come together soon?  Like, all we are  waiting for is the trigger event, the final keyword whispered to the right person at the right time?  I don’t know about you all, but I have such a hard time discerning whether he is lying or not, that I usually go with the default position of, “of course he’s lying, it’s what he does best.”obamanotpledgingaalleigance

However few and far between his moments of integrity are, there have been a couple of verifiable facts that he has uttered, none very good for America.  Like at the beginning of his reign when he mentioned  having a police force as well equipped as the military, or again when he wanted to “,,fundamentally transform America.”   There’s little doubt he has achieved both, which makes me more than a little anxious when he talks about “a new future is ready to be written..”

So, he wants to seize the American Moment?  Is that like the American Dream?  A new future, eh?  Like, what the hell was wrong with the old future?  I always liked the idea of building a life with friends, family and business.  Of working to achieve a dream of taking it easy in my golden years with no worries. Reaping the benefits of your labor and all that.  Enjoying something earned is always sweeter than having something given to you.

I would like to think that most Americans do have a traditional sense of values, of hard work, family, and community that are integral to the older set, the ones that don’t feel entitled to getting everything in life or free.  I’m not real old, but have seen plenty in six decades.  America is struggling right now under the oppression of political parties, special interests and a person pretending to be the president.

obama pinoccio noseAny time a myth like global warming is given the same priority as the spread of a deadly  disease like ebola, a person should really question the source.   When the prevalent economic system, Crony Capitalism (Fascism), has supplanted the free market with the money supply jiggered by the central banks, one should express concern.   When Congressmen get elected to become millionaires and pass laws without reading them, a person should demand some answers..  So, the question remains,,,,is he telling us what is going to happen next?


December 22, 2014 – 1:16 PM    By CNSNews.com Staff


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