Ted Cruz, ‘Outsider’ or Just Another NeoCon Globalist?

Although I’m not normally one to reblog someone’s work, this article caught my attention and breaking it up would have lessened the impact and added unnecessary verbiage.  Kind of like this, get it?  Like some others I have talked to I originally supported Mr. Cruz for the presidential nomination even though I had a few fundamental questions, mostly concerning his eligibility, that I considered relevant.  The more I dug into his past and his wife’s associations the more my doubts grew.

Simultaneously, Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to national attention (and international) captured my innermost desire to see our country rise from the depths of depravity and globalist domination to once again enjoy sovereignty and integrity.  Something has been missing from the once proud and respected United States of America for the last seven plus years of the current administration.  Something that none of the presidential candidates in this election cycle bothered to mention as important to the American people, except one rather overbearing, brash and not politically correct candidate, Mr. Donald Trump.

Cruz and Trump

This article is not about Mr. Trump, but it is about his main opponent for the office of president, Ted Cruz.  In other words, these two men are asking the people of America to choose one of them for this job and are showing us their resumes and demonstrating their desire to be hired.  As any employer should know, it is begging for disaster if you don’t check your future employees’ credentials and background.  As an employer you should ascertain whether the possible employee is credible, honest and will be an asset to your organization.

This article is about Mr. Cruz and his wife’s background.  It casts some light on Ted’s claim to be an ‘outsider’ or against the establishment GOP’s goals of bowing to the globalist/NWO agenda of planetary domination.  Mr,. Cruz has been patiently built up and supported from within the establishment as their ‘ace-in-the-hole-card’ to ruin the chances of someone like Mr. Trump from upsetting the controlled and manipulated office of the president.  This article points out some of the many ties and relationships that surround this ‘outsider’ even as his finances are controlled and he has just been endorsed by members of the Bush crime family syndicate.


Lofty campaign rhetoric and captured media spin that he is an “outsider” notwithstanding, Ted Cruz is just another neocon globalist. So it’s no surprise that the GOP establishment is now cozying up to him as the anti-Trump candidate. That he has managed to maintain an aura of “outsiderness” is a testament to the power of the propaganda wielded by the establishment.   Cruz, a product of the George W. Bush presidency, has aligned himself with a team that is surprisingly establishment, as Personal Liberty Digest’s® Sam Rolley noted here, and Bushesque.

His campaign chair out of the gate and the chairman of his foreign policy team is Chad Sweet.  Sweet served as chief of staff for Michael Chertoff, the Director of Homeland Security under Bush. He went on to co-found The Chertoff Group with the serpent-headed former DHS director. Sweet’s Chertoff Group bio brags that;  “Prior to becoming Chief of Staff of DHS, Mr. Sweet worked as an investment banker at the firms of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as well as served in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service.”

The Chertoff Group jumped right into the crony corporation business, becoming one of the go-to companies for the first batch of airport naked body scanners. Both Chertoff and Sweet also made frequent appearances on the news talk shows promoting the naked body scanners and lobbying for increased technological screening of Americans in the search for terrorists. Sweet also advocates for increased NSA metadata collection on American electronic communications.

Victoria Coates is another Cruz senior foreign policy adviser. She currently also serves on his senate staff. A former lackey for Bush Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Coates is also an adjunct fellow at the neocon-aligned, Zionist-funded think tank, Foundation for Defense of Democracies. It has advocated for regime change in Syria, heavy sanctions on Iran and an Israel-first U.S. foreign policy.

Also on Cruz’s foreign policy team is former Bushite and current Council on Foreign Relations member Elliot Abrams, and former Bill Clinton CIA director James Woolsey.   And if those ties don’t give you enough insight as to what Cruz’s foreign policy will be like that you get the heebie-jeebies, look at his wife’s ties to the globalists.

Heidi and Ted Cruz

She’s currently on leave from her job as an investment manager at Goldman Sachs. She was Bush’s economic policy adviser (Ted and Heidi met while working in the Bush administration), was a top deputy to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, and then she moved to a stint as director for the Western Hemisphere at Condoleeza Rice’s National Security Council.

But her globalist bona fides go much deeper. In 2005 she collaborated on a CFR manifesto calling for a North American union of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Titled “Building a North American Community,” the document advocated for open borders, increased mobility between the three countries, and “new rules that would make it much easier for employees to move and for employers to recruit across national boundaries within the continent.”

Is it then any wonder that Cruz was for increased immigration and open borders and NSA data mining before he was against them? Is it then any wonder then why Cruz is advocating for more military in the Middle East and for providing weapons to Ukraine against Russia?

What is a wonder is how he’s maintained the “outsider” charade for so long.


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