New Poll Shows Trump is the Most Popular Top-Tier Presidential Candidate in 30 Years


Thu, April 14, 2016

   Two in three Americans surveyed in the poll, 67 percent said they held an favorable view of Trump, while just 31 percent said they saw him unfavorably and only 2 percent said they had no opinion of him.

Trump 74% Hillary 26%

Is it any wonder that Donald Trump has such a favorable rating among Americans that have been subjected to almost eight years of an unConstitutional, authoritarian regime occupying the White House?  After all, he stands against the establishment which supports winners like John, my father the admiral did not save me from a court martial, McCain and Mitt, I could lose against myself, Romney.

These heroes of the NeoCon establishment and others that are equally responsible for large kickbacks from weapons dealers and assorted producers of mass destruction are all up in arms against anyone that might derail their gravy train.  Like, just because America  is rapidly becoming little more than a Chiquita regime rife with corruption that any South American dictator would be proud of, it shouldn’t stop the never ending flow of green towards their bank accounts, should it?

Obama beheads Uncle Sam

While the current administration is tripping all over itself trying to inflict the most damage to our nation as is possible before it must relinquish it’s death-grip on us, we have the Main Stream Media supporting and outright demanding more curbs on our natural human rights and less responsibility from anyone except those of the lighter skin shades.  The Presstitutes that are supposed to be the watchdogs against government overreach are in reality little more than public mouthpieces for the regime and unwitting tools of the globalist cabal.

Add to this nightmarish pablum of orchestrated globalist chaos the purposeful destabilization of the Western Nations, the Communist indoctrination of our younger generations, the loss of moral guidelines and Traditional Values.  And what do you get?

welcome to obamaland

You get a society screaming for help.  You get a population so dumbed down and unhealthy from genocidal experiments by it’s own government that most just wait for the end in a daze of bread and circuses.  You get a small percentage of the population that are despised and marginalized for being aware of what is taking place around them.  You get a large proportion of the population that have swallowed the Communist/Globalist Koolaid and like it.  They actually believe the globalist propaganda and despite being shown the truth, refuse to believe anything other than what can only be termed as anti-human.

Into this mix steps a successful businessman who still believes in the American Dream.  An entrepreneur who has made billions in the Free Market economy of Capitalist America.  A sovereign individual who is unwilling to kow-tow to the censure of Leftist Political Correctness.  A family man  who knows the inherent strength of the American Family and it’s values.  A Patriot who loves America and wants to bring back her former glory.  DONALD TRUMP.

Trump on a wrecking ball

Mr. Trump’s success makes for an incredible amount of nastiness towards him.  His political background doesn’t lend itself towards convenient categorization so talking heads marginalize him as anything that serves their agenda, rarely truthful.  Everyone who doesn’t like him continuously stumble trying to find a valid reason why.  The media makes fools of themselves attempting to discredit him with their efforts having the opposite effect more often than not.

The political party that signed oaths to support him if he gained the nomination have already broken their promise.  His main competitor uses Trump’s own ideas and policies as his own while the media praises the theft.  Even the so-called Conservative media who should be standing behind the man who will right a lot of the current wrongs in America selfishly publish denouncements, fake polls and generally don’t listen to the rising tide of American anger with the Establishment.

What is important, though, is that there is a rapidly growing segment of America that doesn’t believe the media Shinola.  The true Patriots know that Donald Trump is very likely to be America’s Last Gasp for Liberty before drowning in a sea of mediocrity and Socialism.  The true Patriots who love America and the American Dream are in solid support of Mr. Trump.  We will be seen in history as those who fought against long odds to return our Glorious Republic to the path our Founders set for us and Donald Trump will be celebrated in history as the leader who saved the American Dream.

revolutionary war


5 thoughts on “New Poll Shows Trump is the Most Popular Top-Tier Presidential Candidate in 30 Years

    • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,,,yeah, right. Better come up with some heavy duty sources to prove that bullshine, ace. ‘Every’ one, eh? Better get started, snowflake. It’s gonna take a long time proving every survey firm,,,,. The people here are not stupid like WaPo, HuffPo,. MSNBC and ESPN.


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