BREAKING: Clinton to be Indicted

Bill and Hooker

[Exposed] Media hiding Clinton indictment?

It’s been widely reported that the FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified emails is wrapping up soon.   And according to a journalist with The Huffington Post, the mainstream media may be actively covering up that Clinton is going to be indicted on fairly serious charges.

The Huffington Post freelance reporter Frank Huguenard posted a story Sunday entitled ‘Hillary Clinton to be Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges.’  Huguenard claims to have spoken with sources with knowledge of the FBI investigation. And, according to Huguenard, the FBI’s probe into Clinton’s home-brew email server eventually expanded to include an investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation.

And, Huguenard reported, those activities have led to a recommendation for racketeering charges.   But the piece was not up for long before The Huffington Post pulled it down and replaced it with a ‘404’ Error screen,” conservative site Breitbart reported Monday.

In the article, Huguenard cites reported:

James Comey and the FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.

Huguenard shared on Twitter that the article was taken down against his will, and without explanation:


@Frank_Huguenard @DJ_Lena Did you take ur article down or was it taken down?

@all3els @DJ_Lena It was taken down. I’ve requested an explanation from HuffPo, still haven’t heard anything. Just as well, genie is out.


In subsequent tweets, Huguenard has reported that the Clintons may already be working with the Justice Department to cut a deal, but that an indictment is still expected.

Trump holds sign Hillary 4 prison


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