A Fair Price For Open Borders?

Donald Trump

After spending a couple hours today reviewing the reactions and comments around the Web, I have come to the conclusion that some of the entrenched liberal Left is coming to their senses and realizing that Barry, Hillary, Kerry and their various masters and supporters don’t have the best interests of the LGBT people in mind, at all.
Lots of Barry and Cankle supporters are finally seeing them for what they are, panderers, apologists and bad news for America and Americans. But what is really weird is that the anti-Trump trolls are out in force ignoring the fact that Trump knew this would happen and was the only one to say something even though he was widely derided and scorned for being a bigot.
Just what is it going to take to get some common sense pounded into their heads? Trump has given us the prescription to cure the Islamic terrorism problem, but these idiots, whom I’m sure are going to love me, think he is son of satan or something because he offends the muzzies or hurts their feelings.  Case in point, Paul Ryano, the darling of the globalists, who won’t really endorse Trump even though it is his job to do so.   In reality he is just a puppet with the same stains on his slacks that made that blue dress famous.

ryano competes with illegals
Are 50 dead Americans a good price to keep our borders open? Ryano, Hillary, Barry and Kerry seem to think that American lives aren’t as important as bringing in unvetted, military age jihadists by the thousands,,,whether we like it or not.
Who cares more about America, these globalist puppets who want to inundate our country with 7th century savages that are dedicated to killing us or Trump who wants to halt immigration until we can accurately check these people out?


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