There are times that I seriously wonder if anyone ever reads one of these  “about” pages and the use of writing one, then again Google demands them.  Apparently, so does my professor.

Brian Woodruff is what my parents call me, “Woody” has been a naturally enough derived nickname to incur fairly common use, so it is answerable to, but only by friends or solid acquaintances.

I’m a full-time student (online) at Southern New Hampshire University, an institution found after a disastrous  and brief enrollment at another (actually, the second) online university.  Litigation is still pending from the previous enrollment, a scheme to defraud students and the government subsidized loan program was brought to light, unfortunately with me in the middle of it.

I am a native born Westerner, Spokane to be exact, but neighboring North Idaho is where I consider home.  My partner, a 160+ lb. chocolate Labrador Retriever, “Bubba” and a cat “Fearless” who gifts me with kittens every spring, whether I want them or not.

Image of Chocolate Labrador "Bubba"

I am an affiliate marketer and freelance writer currently, but have in the past been a journeyman roofer, a carpenter, high-wall concrete laborer, yard manager at a building supply outfit and other various occupations that served to keep the wolves of hunger at bay.InstantNewbie ebook

I owned and operated Wodin Roofing Repair and Blue Moon Post and Pole for several years (not concurrently) and still own Kosmic Koncrete and Wild Mountain Herb Company, these latter two are divisions  of my soon-to-be global empire, Woodco Integrated Innovations.

I am the recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from The  Evergreen State College(1977) an Associate WebMaster from Western Governor’s University (2010), have certifications as A+ Microsoft Tech, Project+ project manager, and a couple of certifications in computer languages.

I am a certified herbalist with training in nutritional healing and a devout wildcrafter, forest steward and ecologically friendly timber harvesting specialist.  All of which come in handy living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Other websites;   Affiliate Agendas R UsDisaster Survival GuideNorth Idaho HerbalComfort Zone Survival Equipment





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