The 2nd Amendment & The Real America

Daddy’s Little Sharp Shooter



A video posted by Viral Hog is, well – going viral, and so are the responses to the unique family fun featured in it.

“I was practicing drawing from holster and dry fire drills and she decided to join in,” the dad said of the video.

As he was practicing in their family home, this hands-on daddy thought taking a video of the adorable (and educational) bonding experience he and his daughter were enjoying would be cute. And it really is…

Melody Lauer of Ballistic Radio and director of training for Citizens Defense Research said she hopes the video will begin a conversation on why guns should be introduced to children at a young age and kids need to be properly educated.

“To people who don’t understand firearms, seeing a video of a child seemingly ‘playing’ with a gun can be alarming, and if done negligently or carelessly, it can be devastating,” Lauer said. “What they are not seeing in this video, however, is the care with which the father is going through to positively educate that child on the tenets of safe firearms handling. Her gun is a inert training aid. He instructs her on where she should and should not point it. He also models this good behavior for her by being consistent in his own handling in the video.”

Lauer, who teaches a Contextual Handgun Course for Armed Parents/Guardians, went on to say, “Studies have shown us that early education and positive exposure to firearms reduces the risk of firearms-related accidents in children. If this family is going to have a gun in their home—as clearly they do—this father is doing is the most responsible thing for his child by educating her and modeling positive gun handling for her.”


This post was originally going to be a rant about snowflakes and their fear of anything American, but as I read more and more it was obvious that I just can’t really care about their lack of Patriotism, loyalty or integrity.  I was pretty upset earlier after being shanghaied by a couple of pseudo-intellectual types who used a lot of big words, but didn’t know how to use them in a sentence.  Couldn’t dribble out a complete sentence if their lives depended on it.

It wasn’t their arguments for ‘reasonable gun control’ or ‘common sense’ firearms laws that upset me.  It wasn’t even the fact that they refused to even consider what I brought to the discussion.  Anyone who has ever conversed with a librul snowflake for more than a minute knows what I’m talking about,, they expect you to understand every nuance, every little emotive brain fart they expel, but have no time for real sourced facts, logic or common sense that most adults tend to use as adjuncts to their reasoning.

That really doesn’t bother me much anymore.  It’s just the way they have been non-educated. The Participation Award School of Non-Learning or Commie Core U.  Anyone who who mixes it up with these people wonders where they were educated.  That’s not what pissed me off, though.

What really chapped my cheeks was something so simple, so basic that few of us notice it.  These self righteous, wannabe clever people wasted my time.  That’s it.  Just a waste of almost an hour striving to explain a simple concept to these two ‘tards.  An hour I could have been doing all sorts of constructive things like trimming Wonder Hound’s toenails or crushing beer cans for the recycler.

I have no idea if they got anything out of the conversation.  When I left they were comparing K-cups which I guess is some kind of coffee.  Either that or a new type of athletic supporter, was my second guess.  Not really very relevant to a gun control discussion, you know.


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